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The following projects have been funded or have had offers made to them.

$25 Million Grow operation for Medical marijuana Northern California

$5 million  startup for Dispensary California

$18 million for Purchase of a Las Vegas Dispensary

$12 Million for Publicly traded company in Canada  

$14 Million offer for a Jamaican Hemp company.

$5 million offer for Oklahoma Start up Grown & Dispensary.

$2 million for an extraction lab

$15.6 oil company to drill 24 wells and gas lines.
$10  oil rig building center
$12  for an oiling drilling project on PPDF.

$112  for a rig contract in Venezuela from our private equity Partner that funds projects from $100,000,000.00 and up.

$5 for an acquisition of a water treatment plant
$265 for a resort in Antigua 35% equity with surety bonds and insurance wraps protecting the principal.
$3.8  for  a recycling plant acquisition here in the USA
$10  debt offering for the purchase of 2 publicly traded oil companies that operate rigs
$20  for recycle plant in North Carolina

$5 construction project for Medical Marijuana Grow operation 
$2.7for a dispensary 
$300k for stock purchase ona franchise 
$10m For a new construction project in Naples Fl housing

CC&F Is pleased to report that an offer of $67,000,000  to an oil company that is traded on the PUBLIC
MARKET. 1/7/2018  
CC&F Has had an equity firm make a $30,000,000 offer to a law group that funds law firms 03/2018
CC&F has had an equity firm make a $22,000,000 offer to close a  loan to a Law Group that funds Factoring deals. 4/13/2018

CC&F has had their associates  offer a $25,000,000 oil lease deal 4/5/2018 The deal was
in northern Texas and started as a $3 million dollar venture. After review  of the leases and completed diligence the client was undervaluing their own deal  with assets by  $95,000,000..

$23,000,000  Oil Drilling project South Texas.